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Monthly Archives: December 2023

How to Handle Frozen Car Locks and Doors

How to Handle Frozen Car Locks and Doors

As winter settles in and temperatures drop, it's not just your fingers that feel the chill – your car can also become a victim of the icy season. One of the most frustrating scenarios for any driver is encountering frozen car locks and doors. But fear not – we'll share practical solutions to thaw these cold problems and ensure you're back in your car with warmth and ease. Prevention is the Best Cure Before we dive into remedies, let's talk about prevention. To avoid the hassle of frozen locks and doors, consider these proactive steps: Lock De-Icer: Keep a can of lock de-icer in your car or at home. It's a quick and effective solution for preventing lock freezing. Silicone Spray: Apply silicone spray to your door seals. This helps create a barrier against moisture, preventing doors from freezing shut ... read more