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Monthly Archives: January 2023

How Do Cooler Winter Temperatures Affect My Vehicle?

How Do Cooler Winter Temperatures Affect My Vehicle?

Winter is a magical and beautiful season, but the snow and frigid cold can be hard to handle. Cooler winter temperatures will substantially affect your vehicle. Knowing the adverse effects the weather can have on your car to fully protect it. The following is how cooler winter temperatures affect your vehicle: Tire Pressure Fluctuation Cold temperatures make air pressure decrease and will hence affect your tire pressure. You will notice your car's tires looking slightly deflated after some time in the snow. However, when you start driving, the tires and the air inside will warm up. Therefore, the tire pressure will increase. The constant tire pressure fluctuation due to the temperature differences is stressful on car tires, and they will hence experience significant degradation during winter. Thickening Of Fluids Your vehicle contains many fluids that allow the engine to function optimally. These include coolant, transmission, and power steering fluid. There is also the oil. D ... read more