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Monthly Archives: February 2023

5 Signs Of A Failing Battery

5 Signs Of A Failing Battery

Of all the components in your car, the battery is one of the most important. Without a properly functioning battery, your car won't start or will act weirdly, leaving you stranded and frustrated. Unfortunately, batteries don't last forever, and some signs indicate your car battery is starting to fail. Here are some of the most common symptoms of a failing car battery that you should be aware of. Slow Engine Crank  One of the most common signs of a failing car battery is decreased cranking speed. When you try to start your car, you may notice that it takes longer than usual for the engine to turn over. This is a sign that the battery is weak and may not have enough power to start the engine. Dim Headlights And Interior Lights If you notice that your headlights or interior lights are dimmer than usual, it's a sign that your car battery is losing its charge. This is especially noticeable at night or when you turn on the headlights, as they may appear to be flickering ... read more